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Not many people realize it, but simply raising limbs and branches, removing sucker growth or sprouts, and/or taking a little off the top can do wonders for the look and overall lifespan of a tree. Over time, trees can became weighted down by deadwood, excess branches and limbs — and worse, trees can grow dangerously close to a customer’s home, pool or deck. These three services done in a combined way gives your trees a maintained look while allowing more sunlight to reach your lawn.

Tree Trimming and Thinning

Keeping your trees well groomed has a lot of benefits for your tree and your yard. Trimming a tree will remove excess branch growth which can weigh down your tree and detract from the aesthetic appeal of your trees. Those excess branches and overgrowth also provide a breeding grown for pest, wood-boring beetle and other insects.

Pruning Your Trees

Tree pruning has both a sculpting effect on the tree as well as health impact for your tree.

Our team of tree loving experts will guide you as to what branches to prune and which to let grow. Pruning can also be used to slow the growth of tree and change the future balance of a tree. On average, most trees should be pruned every 3 years. This is a guideline some tree may require more frequent pruning and some will require less.

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