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Worker providing tree trimming services in Plano, TX

If you have a tree(s) on your property that are either dying, dead or too close together, give our trained and fully-insured professionals a call rather than attempting to remove them yourself. Our goal is to give you a realistic overview of what we see, and to provide you with advice for the best course of action.

Please do not attempt to remove trees on your own!

The cost to remove a tree from your property can vary greatly depending on the size of the tree, if the tree is healthy our fallen and the complexity of the tree removal are just a few of the factors. We will give a free no obligation estimate.

Damage, disease and safety concerns can turn that tree you love from an asset into a liability.

When this occurs, our trusted, safe and efficient tree removal service in Plano, Texas will help you remove that tree with as little disruption as possible.

Look for these signs as an indicator it may be time to remove a tree:

  • Heaving soil at the base of the trunk and beneath the canopy – Roots being exposed and pushing soil aside
  • Dead or hanging branches in the upper crown of the tree
  • Decay-producing fungi growing at the base of the tree trunk
  • Sick or unatural looking bark that be peeling or cracks in the tree trunk
  • Cavities in the trunk of the tree or large scaffold branches
  • Fine twigs without living buds near the ends of branches

In Plano, our most popular service areas are 75093, 75024 and 75033 but we serve all of N. Dallas.

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