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Do you have trees with limbs that are growing over your home or business? These limbs pose a few problems for your structure, including acting as highways for rodents getting access to your attic and risk to property damage from falling limbs. We have providing tree trimming and roof cleaning services in N. Dallas and Plano, TX for over a decade.

Issues we have seen with trees being to close to your home or business include:

  • Wind causing the limbs or branches to scrape again roof shingles or tiles that lead to a water leak.
  • Branches swaying in the Texas wind that have damaged gutters and down spouts.
  • Rodent infestation in attics from mice, squirrels and even possum gaining access to customer attics from tree limbs.
  • Limbs and branches breaking in our N. Texas storms that do extensive damage to roofs and gutters.

Your home or commercial property is the biggest investment you will make in your life, so take care of it. With this service, our employees will make sure your roof is clear of any tree debris that can damage your shingles or gutters. Combined with our tree trimming, pruning or thinning service, we can eliminate the threat of rodents gaining access to your roof. We recommend keeping a safe distance — roughly two to six feet — between your trees and structures.

Our experienced tree loving staff will use ropes and harnesses to safely climb your tree to remove limbs that threaten your home. We use ropes and to tie the limbs in a manner that helps us control the decent and keep them off your home or business and to protect your landscape from being a casualty of the falling limbs

Keeping your trees trimmed 4-6 feet from your home and roof will increase air to circulation which will reduces mold and mildew growth around your home and roof.

Liberty Tree Service is here for you when you need us, whether it is an emergency tree trimming job or preventative maintenance.

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